A collection made from 1969 to the end of the 1970s. Also called by the sculptor the series of “Running Down and Violations”. As their names indicate, they look at the physical and plastic behaviour of materials subjected to opposing forces. In particular, the sculptor explores the shapes derived from an action carried out on the material, based on the idea of pressure, compression and binding.


However, the fact is that this action of strength is carried out by a conceptually softer material: rope, a textile element in contrast with concrete, a stone-like element.


It is inspired, without doubt, by the behaviour of plants that the sculptor has observed in nature: plants or roots set against architectural features and that show that they are stronger and more persistent than the architecture, working on the crack and the ruin, with the presence of the element of time. We also find grafts of trees and other traditional farmers' jobs, such as loading trees with stones so that they are included in them, which according to popular belief made them grow or produce fruit: these plastic behaviours, if nothing else, have been worked on in small format sculptures, which sometimes become the model for some of the large format ones that can be seen in Can Ginebreda Forest. This series can be related to the ones which break down the behaviour of materials and in particular the one called “Folds and Wrinkles of Soft Materials”, in which, in a similar way, certain processes of compression on the material are worked on, including self-crushing, another form of plastic reaction to compression.

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